Project Details

Auto Square Bangna

The vision for Auto Square is to become the largest automative dedicated experiential and retail space in Thailand. Covering over 60,000 sqm, the space covers multi-brand showrooms, workshops, event hall, premium used cars and lifestyle gallery amongst others.
Conceptually, everything has grown from the core idea of ‘Aerodynamic.’ The sculptural form of the structure is overlaid with curved, dynamic surfaces that are at the heart of automative design. Beyond the purely aesthetic, we have taken the idea of Aerodynamic to relate to a frictionless experience within the space, so that operationally everything works as smoothly as possible.

The design language has a very functional benefit as the display area is maximised, facing the main road on one side and the Mega mall on the other side. The development of a one way, 12m wide internal road further increases display and access to each of the workshop. A further nod to the flexibility of automative design can be seen in the huge event hall which can be configured in many ways, scaling up and down and having visibility from both ground level and from the highway.

From the first, striking impression to the day to day detail of using the space, Auto Square has been designed for a rich and satisfying journey.