Project Details

Bed Supperclub

BED SUPPERCLUB is a “dining in bed” experience. Best described as a unique combination of upscale restaurant, club, art gallery, theatre and stage merged into one.

Viewed from the street Bed Supperclub is a huge, elliptical metal tube that seems to have landed like a spaceship in the busy road, Orbit’s design makes it seem alien, like a giant cocoon that you could pick up and take somewhere else.

Gleaming white interiors continue the sci-fi theme as staff ritually plump the big white pillows and smooth the 15m long sheets that cover the divans lining the walls. The curved walls glow with digitally projected colours or dance with images from a video installation commissioned from one of Thailand’s top artists. The resulting atmosphere is light and bright and was an instant hit with Bangkok’s design crowd, media junkies and high society as well as visiting international celebrities.