Project Details


Brewberry is the leading beer importer in Thailand. The key objective of the design is to create an office that reflected their business of importing and distributing their product to bar restaurant and retails.

Client was to create a space that flexible for their staff different type of work. A space that staff can also relax and celebrate with their product. The office is divided into 2 major spaces, front or house includes the reception that seamlessly connected to the main bar, large conference room fits 25 people, several furniture settings tall table and stools, banquet seating, long communal tables, huddle booth.

All these can cater for different occasions such as informal collaboration work, morning coffee, lunch and occasional party or product launch. Hospitality look and feel is the design approach for this zone, as well as incorporating their brand characteristic. Moving through the front of house will be the office with the open plan office and meeting rooms. Each meeting room was branded and incorporating immersive brand environment with graphic, furniture and fixture that represent its brand character.