Project Details

Diageo Guadalajara

Diageo Mexico wanted to create a new home that not only gave them a suite of mixed work environments but truly celebrated Tequila in all its glory. Our design, deeply rooted in Jalisco's volcanic soils, celebrates the enchanting journey from agave fields to the magic of tequila.

At the heart of our ethos lies a profound reverence for the bond between land and craft.

As with many great Diageo offices, the bar is front and centre straight after reception. Terracotta earth finishes and vibrant colours and a striking mural combine to create a welcoming space that is great for daytime collaboration and even better for evening gatherings and cocktails. Recycled agave bricks talk to Diageo’s huge Sustainability ambitions and achievements.

Each of the meeting rooms, dedicated to a specific brand, has a unique look and feel, giving variety and character. Striking pictures of the landscape and Blue Weber agave plants are dotted throughout, reminders of what makes Tequila so special.

The internal collaboration zone has an acoustic vaulted ceiling, reminiscent of La Primavera distillery, which is home to Don Julio Tequila. Custom art and warm finishes echo the red volcanic soil of Jalisco that is so distinctive.