Project Details

GIA Bangkok

With Bangkok as the world capital for coloured gemstone grading, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) sought to relocate their educational and laboratory facility with the vision of it being a showcase in Thailand for GIA's global role in diamond and gemstone grading.

Orbit's design draws from the beauty, purity, clarity of the geometric faceting of cut gemstones on the one hand, and the elaborate complexity of the traditional crafts of Thailand including flower craft, embroidery, and benjarong on the other. The design features, forms and lighting are synthesised around the intersection of these to create a highly functional facility that reflects both an elegant and modern feeling, yet simultaneously feels grounded in the traditional arts of Thailand.

The 2,038 sqm facility is subdivided into 3 suites: an Educational Institute, a grading laboratory, and an administrative office, each taking advantage of the daylight and views of the Bangkok skyline and greenery.