Project Details

GIA Dubai

With Dubai as a global diamond and gemstone trading hub, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) chose DMCC Uptown Tower for their regional presence. Situated on 2 interconnected floors, the 4,000 sqm laboratory facility accommodates a highly technical program within a space that is inspired by and embodies both the facets of gemstone geometry and the varied landscapes of the United Arab Emirates: desert, oasis, wadi, palm, and the city skyline.

The diamond is the hardest, most valuable gemstone in the earth’s crust, a byword for beauty, purity, and love. It comes out of the earth rough and is transformed into a brilliant gem through great expertise. This aspect of GIA’s work inspires the design - the transformation from rough to refined, the wabi-sabi juxtaposition of both states, coloured by the soft and vibrant hues of the region, to create a futurist yet regionally relevant environment for staff and customers.

The facilities include multiple laboratory spaces with specialty equipment, processes, and technical needs, a customer reception with secure transaction booths, an employee cafeteria with food servery, barista island and seating for 170 people, a new interconnecting stair, combinable board rooms with a back-lit mashrabiya-inspired ceiling feature, several conference rooms, and an oasis-inspired collaborative co-working space and lounge overlooking the skyline. To encourage well-being, the design includes biophilic design elements and plant materials, as well as serendipitous seating alcoves tucked in various locations for a quiet moment.