Project Details


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Malee is one of the biggest fruit and juice packaging companies in Thailand, with huge global exports. In the last few years the company has been handed on to the next generation to take it to ever greater heights. There were three fundamental aims of the brief. To reflect the change into being a Health company, to signal a change to employees, partners and customers that Malee is moving into a new stage of thinking and growth and to reinforce the connection back to the Farmers. The company has a very fair minded approach to their Farmer partners and it was important to remind staff where all the produce came from and who grew it. The office had not been renovated in any way for over 20 years so a complete change was required. The challenge was to renovate both the building and the interior, and at the same time, refresh the corporate identity, all of which were done by Orbit.

In designing the head office for Malee our goal was to reflect the best of what a healthy life is all about. The mood and colour flow creates an energy that is bold and simple but easy on the eye. An abundance of vibrant and lively graphics set against a clean, minimal backdrop creates vivid pops that echo fruit and vegetables. Natural materials and images reinforce the healthy lifestyle. The minimal, modern aesthetic signals a break from the past but the heritage is honoured through imagery and storytelling. While workstations were located along the perimeter, maximising natural light, collaboration areas had to be located internally due to the needs of the business and the building layouts. Therefore, skylights became an important design feature, creating the feeling of working outdoors and focusing energy within the collaboration workspace. It was important for us as the designers to give the Malee staff the feeling of being connected with the farmers and their productivity. An executive floor was developed for clients and management that continues the theme set in the other floors but in darker, richer colours.