Project Details

P&G Jeddah GO

The project involves the relocation of PG employees & contractors, housing a total population of 96 Staff (78 Desks). A local challenge of the project was ensuring the separation between the 20 desk female and the 40 desk male working zones, with the understanding that in the near future this law would be relaxed allowing staff to co-mingle freely.

Agility in the workplace was addressed by adding a centralised staff breakout/open collaboration area with a variety of work settings that could also double up as a lecture space for Town Hall events. The primary conference room, located on a corner, commands the best views.

Exposed concrete ceilings and galvanised metal ductwork in the workspace gives an honest, industrial look, which was was balanced by the vibrancy of Orbit’s environmental graphic program which included custom illustrations and graphic window film, all inspired by local art and culture. This was complimented by a locally painted mural cityscape in the staff breakout area.