Project Details

P&G Manila NET Lima L26 Expansion

A recent expansion of the Manila team was an opportunity to transform the office into a fully collaborative, flexible space with a full range of work settings in a lively design. The Philippines archipelago is huge and sail has always been a vital part of how the islands connected with each other. This idea of historical communication was our inspiration for the design story. The idea is translated into the space by introducing folded and upholstered surfaces as well as opaque and semi-opaque hanging dividers. The palette is neutral but interspersed with punchy colours and a balanced mix of modern and traditional materials such as wood-wool acoustic panelling, woven vinyl flooring and rattan diner booth dividers. Greenery is dotted throughout the space to bring nature into the space and hint at islands of greenery.

The heart and hub of the office is the open collaboration space which has a relaxed mix of informal lounge seating along with different work settings that compliment each other, all supported by the walk-in pantry nearby. A large conference room next to the OC area can be easily combined by stacking away divider walls when town hall gatherings take place.

Graphics play an active role in this space with sail-inspired graphics applied to both dry walls and manifestation on meeting room glazing. Neon signs bring some fun to the space while huddle rooms are brightened up with splashes of colour. Finally, to tie both the office and OC spaces together, and continue vibrancy, we have added a feature mural created by a local artist, Egg Fiasco