Project Details


Functioning as the regional headquarters for operations in Asia-Pacific, P&G’s offices in the new Metropolis building joins the company’s Innovation Center at the recently completed Biopolis building to form an impressive campus where the P&G team carries out a wide variety of services.

Metropolis is home to the company’s Global Prestige and Global Baby Care initiatives; providing design and consumer insight research, maintaining brand consistency and catering to in-market needs throughout the region. Taking 14,000 sq. m. over six floors of Metropolis Tower 2, Orbit worked closely with P&G’s global architects to create a new type of work environment where user agility is the paramount design principle. This principle embraces and capitalizes on staff mobility, offering a diverse group of work setting types– from lively open pantry/work spaces that inspire impromptu collaboration and cross pollination, to quiet focus zones for heads down concentration.

Further enhancing each individual’s connection to the space, Orbit’s interdisciplinary team worked to integrate environmental graphics into the design to convey aspects of the company, the teams and the region. Each business unit, the P&G brand as a whole, its history, and finally, the local Singaporean culture are all embodied within the space.

The end result is a unique and flexible working environment that has set a new benchmark within P&G.