Project Details


The Wisdom is a premium service offered to Kasikorn Bank’s high net worth clients 10m THB and above). Part of the service is access to The Wisdom Lounge, a network of centers offering financial consultation, advice, safety deposit boxes and somewhere to escape the crowds.

This latest lounge is located in Emquartier, the latest luxury mall in the Emporium family. Conceptually, Orbit went right back to the roots, almost literally as the name means ‘Farmer’s Bank’. The logo of the bank is a stalk of growing rice. This innate sense of growth informed the design process and gave rise to the stunning entry which is lined with forms that echo the logo and give a strong impression of growth.

The overall impression one gets is one of abundance yet tempered with a luxurious sense of refinement. The other layer of the concept was to express the company motto ‘The symbol of smart success’, represented with a guilloche pattern, or rose engine turning which is traditionally used on bank notes, bonds and certificates. This pattern was applied to a number of surfaces to subtly communicate a sense of quality and prosperity.

The idea of wisdom was also applied to the lounge area, which was filled with books and encyclopedias to echo great libraries, traditional seats of learning and wisdom.

A crystal ball chandelier made of many thousands of crystals is a nod to the future and what it may contain. The heart of the space is ‘The Treasury’, where the safe deposit boxes are kept. It is every inch a space to store your valuables. A deep carpet is inlaid with the guilloche pattern, while the reflective ceiling doubles the apparent volume of the space. Dark emperador marble covers the viewing tables while a final touch of luxury are the two changing rooms, set to one side, where jewelry and other precious items can be checked and worn prior to that special event. Although luxurious materials are used throughout, they have been balanced to ensure that the story of growth, wisdom and prosperity comes through clearly and authoritatively.