Project Details

The Wisdom Lounge Iconsiam

The Wisdom Lounge Icon Siam is the second centre designed for high net worth clients of Kasikorn Bank. Located at Icon Siam one the banks of the Chao Praya river, it is one of the highest profile retail complexes in Bangkok. The overall concept of the building celebrates the richness of Thai cultural heritage and The Wisdom Lounge was required to follow this theme.

Orbit focused on the concept of ‘Paan Phoom’, exquisitely crafted arrangements of flowers that are used to offer respect to people or used in ceremonies. The characteristic shapes were applied to the space as the focal feature of the space that also separates The Wisdom Lounge from the bank branch. This creates a separation without cutting the two areas off from each other. The Paan Phoom idea is layered throughout the space, being applied in the large ceiling elements through to intricate patterns in the walls, floors, custom glass, chandelier and facade detailing at the entrance.