Project Details

TTB Asoke

TTB is the new name for the merger between 2 banks: TMB and Thanachart, which launched the first branch in April 2021. Orbit designed TTB CentralWorld as a prototype branch and the design has been rolled out by Orbit to many branches all over the country.

Digital Banking with a human touch is at the heart of TTB. This is reflected in the new design where customers experience a new kind of interaction that elegantly combines human interaction with staff and seamless digital technology.

The bank is open with no doors or barriers during opening hours to better welcome customers. Digital Banking Zone and ATM machines are located at the front of the bank for easy access. When customers first step into the branch they are immediately assisted at the Resolve Bar where digital banking issues or applications are taken care of.

A Waiting lounge further into the branch is where customers can wait or be attended to by staff, whereas the Advisory Pods and Transaction Pods provide more privacy for consultations and transactions. These are supported by an Advisory room, which gives maximum privacy for meetings and conference calls with financial experts.

This carefully layered experience has been designed to meet every customer expectation and puts TTB firmly at the forefront of the banking revolution.