Project Details


The interior design by Orbit Design for the US Agency for International Development (USAID) regional head office (Asia) was awarded with the first LEED certification for a corporate office in Thailand and the first overseas USAID facilitity that received LEED status. Spread over three floor at the prestigious Athenee Tower in central Bangkok, the USAID office also houses the regional training facilities and perfectly resembles the core values of USAID in its design as an organization that cares about the environment and the human well-being.

Key environmentally friendly factors are the use of recycled materials, energy efficient lighting and locally made products as well to utilize the natural themes, pattern and colors to create warmth and freshness in the working environment.

The LEED silver rating has been earnt through intelligent environmentally friendly solutions such as specialized lighting and air handling systems that keep energy consumption to a minimum. Water usage is reduced using waterless urinals and sensor controlled taps. Its carpeting and furnishings are made with recycled materials. Nearly half the materials used to build and outfit the mission were produced locally, further reducing the project’s carbon footprint.

Colorwise, all of the individual three floors were assigned with an unique color theme that reflects the different continents of the world, with earth tones being inspired by the sands of the Sahara desert and blue as a reflection of the architectural decorations in the Middle East. This project truly sets an example for the design industry in Asia and confirms Orbit’s dedication to the design of green office environments.