Project Details

Virgin Active Eastville

The Virgin Active Fitness Club at Central Eastville, in Northeastern Bangkok, is stacked onto the 4 levels of a freestanding retail building, whose artful curved facade anchors one of the main entrances to the shopping centre. Virgin Active punctuates the facade design with an integrated external shopfront design and digital display.

The club's interior spaces are tightly arranged along the length of the narrow, boat-like, curved floor plate but make use of the multiple storeys to develop a design narrative of transformation along the horizontal and vertical axes. The linear organisation of spaces on each floor is then overlaid with different "geometric fields" that resonate with the specific uses, which manifests itself in the physical transformation of the shapes and patterns on each level. This allows each zone of the club to differentiate itself through the interplay of its unique transformation and the underlying thread of visual continuity with the whole, akin to the effects of different forms of fitness on the human body.

Virgin Active at Central Eastville is also the site of the first Asian prototype for Virgin's 'Active Crew', which is a mini fitness club for children aged 8 to 12 years. More than just a daycare centre, Active Crew strives to make the nascent fitness lifestyle irresistible by giving the kids a super cool space of their own, complete with an active grid, climbing wall, ropes and nets, trampoline zone, immersive cycling, and many types of physically interactive gaming. Meanwhile, their parents can take advantage of the adjacent facilities including a top floor pool and spa with view lounges, cafe, and the many specialised group studios and self-training areas that are finely tuned to make for a fulfilling and integrated fitness experience.