Project Details

Virgin Active Marina One

Health and wellness is crucial to the progression of our species, especially as we continue into this era of hyper-connectivity. This design celebrates fitness of our body and mind, through the creation of richly experiential spaces that allow the mind to refocus, energise or relax, and directly reconnect with the forces latent in ourselves. This project aims to push the boundary of contemporary fitness club design.

Faced with the intricacies of a technically complex building with towering interior heights and stringent base building design guidelines and a concern for both sustainability and budget, our design embraces these constraints in order to transcend them.

The project’s design choreographs contrasting elements: warm and cool, saturated colour and grey, linear and curved, regular and organic, energetic and calm, to reflect and encompass all levels of the body’s physical states.

Throughout the space, we have maintained a dynamic equilibrium between the layered, contrasting experiences that express the activities in each interior space and the helical, design language of the Coriolis effect that permeates the club.