Project Details

Virgin Active Tanjong Pagar

Virgin Active at Tanjong Pagar is the second club to open in Singapore. Tanjong Pagar tower is a new dedicated retail and F&B space with luxury business accommodation, hotel, and Singapore’s first double story urban park.

The design concept explores the idea of ‘Reflection’ in both physical and mental terms. Shapes and forms interact with the lighting to create dramatic shadows that become forms themselves. Considered use of the colour spectrum gives a gradient effect. The end result exudes a minimal, sharp, graphic look & feel.

Members arrive by elevator which opens onto the reception and V café area. The Interior is a strong contrast of black and white colors, reflective and matte textures which reinforce the energetic nature of the club. The mirrored ceiling multiplies the sense of activity in the café. Additional reflective material in the Grid Active zone, aligns with the grid floor pattern to double the movement below. The High Impact Studio also received an energy injection by matching a black mirror wall with a series of crisp lighting lines to generate a strong graphic, eye-catching element.

The colour spectrum is used effectively in the changing areas. Blue to green is applied in the male showers and corridor while magenta and purple are applied in the Female changing room. The result is a sleek colour, gradient perspective.