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  • MontAzure

    …MontAzure - Kamala Beach, Phuket 2018 0 0 Fly-Through CGI Visualisation w1 h1 true 313296489 montazure…


  • MontAzure M Gallery

    …MontAzure M Gallery . Phuket 2019 Fly-Through CGI Visualisation w1 h1 true 437749213 montazure m gallery…


  • P&G Manila 2020

    …P&G Manila 2020 . Philippine 2020 Work, Brand, Fly-Through CGI Visualisation, Graphics & Communication, Interior Design, Offices w1 h1 true 486296676 pg manila 2020…


  • Sound Phuket

    …Sound Phuket . Phuket, Thailand 2010 Play CGI Visualisation, Interior Design, Product Design Bars, Nightclub w1 h1 sound phuket…


  • Kalpa Taru Noida

    …Kalpa Taru Noida . Noida 2018 Work, Fly-Through Architecture, CGI Visualisation w1 h1 true 535743315 kalpa taru noida…


  • Virgin Active Whizdom 101

    …Virgin Active Whizdom 101 . Bangkok 2019 Play, Fly-Through CGI Visualisation, Interior Design w2 h1 Ladawan Panyaphacharakul true 398718128 virgin active whizdom 101…


  • Pepsico East Asia R&D

    …Pepsico East Asia R&D This project was a first for PepsiCo in East Asia. An R&D center that combines both Food and Beverage, specifically servicing the East Asia market. The center was envisioned as a small world that could provide everything the…


  • Long Table

    …Long Table Long Table floats serenely over the Bangkok cityscape, serving inspiring Thai food in a thoroughly modern Thai space. The central space is dominated by the eponymous long table that’s over 20m long while the multi level terrace overlooks…


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