Project Details

East - West Seed

East-West Seed is an innovative producer of tropical seed in South East Asia and beyond and is the market leader in Thailand, The Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar and Sri Lanka.

For their new HQ, just out of Bangkok, EWS wanted to create a space that really connected with the farmers, who are the foundation of the company, and celebrate the richness and variety of agriculture in the tropics. From this intent, Orbit developed the design centred on the ‘Flourishing Farm’, where light, plants and the agricultural theme spread both horizontally and vertically, filling the space with life and character.

Vibrant colours mix with natural materials and imagery, composed in a modern way to also convey the company’s forward thinking ethos. This is balanced by humble, agricultural materials such as corrugated iron and exposed wood that remind visitors and employees of the farmers they serve. Collaboration is encouraged with a multitude of flexible spaces while more private gatherings can occur in a variety of meeting rooms.
A large training area is complemented by the recreation area which has a relaxing library, quiet areas and a sports bar with foosball and table tennis. The new environment is now a fully balanced and positive space.