Project Details

J. Walter Thompson

J. Walter Thompson and associated WPP companies decided to relocate to the inspiring new FYI Center and chose Orbit to help them make the move.

Looking to encourage creativity, connectivity and future proofing, the design developed to become a springboard for ideas. Clean, clear design was favoured over gimmicky, busy design to create a sense of space, potential and possibility. A central core of black box meeting rooms forms the spine that links the various companies within the WPP group.

Whites and greys form a light, neutral palette for the rest of the space with colourful, characterful furniture and fittings adding a warm, homely touch, which allows the people to be the real life and soul of the space.

Direct and indirect lighting was carefully calibrated to enhance the mood of each space as it changed throughout the day. Changing heights, spaces and zones makes working together easy and pleasurable. As part of a turn-key project, custom desks were designed that allow for multi purpose use so the space can easily change and adapt to the ever shifting needs of the media world.