Project Details

Johnnie Walker Have Character

Have Character is the global platform that brings the Johnnie Walker universe of big bold flavors and pioneering craft to life – inviting drinkers at every level to step inside.
It brings to life the extraordinary character of our liquids in a world of stunning beauty using metaphorical and visual narratives relating to liquid taste & craft.

The priority brand, Johnnie Walker Blue Label sits at the pinnacle, with the variants KGV, Odyssey from the John Walker & Sons Collection and The Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve beneath.

Orbit Design were asked by Diageo Reserve to create the overall toolkit with assistance from various agencies who supplied the campaign visuals and creative direction for the Johnnie Walker Blue Label Gifting section.

The Story of King George V brings to life the royal grace of the blend through a beautiful women floating effortlessly in an underwater world. The complex structure of her dress is reflected in the intricate design of the podium fascia. The dark grey finish adds a sophisticated backdrop to the red and golden layered and floating fabric. This reminds us of the depth and smoothness of the golden nuance in the whisky.

Odyssey has a maritime heritage and is an elegant, complex and refined whisky. The creative campaign of a graceful woman floating weightlessly beside a sunken ship portrays the sophisticated character of the whisky with the story of an era gone by.

Odyssey is about a journey without boundaries. The campaign visual expresses the emotion of epic travel talking of endless horizons and the bravery it takes to make these voyages.

The feeling of being on a great yacht is conveyed through the dynamic retail theatre design language. The spirit of travelling huge distances is reflected in the wooden decking, rope and stylized sail cues.

The Gold Label Reserve retail theatre units evoke the remarkable, playful and versatile character of the liquid. The campaign visual shows a River of Gold, showing golden spheres with the Celebrate Smooth Taste and Radiant Character message. The reflective material references are echoed in the finishes of the display units where the golden pillars undulate, mimicking the movement of the golden spheres in the river.