Project Details

Mandarin Oriental Bakery Shop

Our brief for the Oriental Bakery Shop was to design packaging for the hotel’s range in the new Siam Paragon, one of Asia’s top new shopping destinations. The Oriental already had an established customer base but wanted something special for this new concept flagship store.

We based the concept on old colonial paintings of discovering Asia for the first time but while the new packaging range needed to keep some of this heritage for the older, more established customers, it needed a modern twist to appeal to a new, younger clientele. With the shop being quite bare the packaging design needed to act as a big part of the interior as well as point of sale in terms of merchandising. It also had to be very flexible.

The subsequent range, including cake boxes, takeaway ice cream cups, must-have shopping bags, chocolate boxes, and ribbons, rivals those in other top Asian hotels with their own renowned bakery shops. Originally just planned for the Siam Paragon shop, the packaging has been rolled out by Oriental to its other five Thai bakeries.