Project Details

Nike Offices Bangkok

The concept was to create a very sporty, vibrant and energetic atmosphere that reflects the major Nike brands in Thailand ie; Golf, Soccer, Tennis, to be playful, colorful with timeless imagery.

We believed the success of the concept was in our ability to create a strong & seamless aesthetic where we could introduce sport within the working office without appearing purely decorative.

Orbit’s idea was to create a sports stadium look to the interior with selected sport themes introduced in details, features and colours to make the users actually feel like they are at a great sporting event, for example we created a brainstorm/playroom that feels like you are sitting on the fairway watching the US Golf Open or in the visitor touchdown area which was designed to feel like you are playing tennis with Andre Agassi on the clay courts of Roland Garros.

This seamless flow of colour and texture from huge wall graphics, to floor and ceiling elements does actually bring the sports to life and gives the energy that we were trying to achieve. Orbit’s sports stadium concept to the interior served as a solution to heighten the low ceilings throughout the office by creating stainless steel mesh panels over an open ceiling shell with stadium hanging lighting that produced the industrial look reminiscent of an indoor basketball arena.