Project Details

Pepsico 1129 Westchester Avenue

PepsiCo 1129 is our recently completed PepsiCo project in White Plain, New York. The project objective is to create an innovative workplace for PepsiCo’s G-Groups. The final design is a radical departure from anything that PepsiCo had previously developed. Early into the process, PepsiCo’s incredibly wide ranging family of products and companies was homed in on as a virtue and the idea of celebrating family became the guiding light for the project. A large family style kitchen is, of course, the heart of the office and is used for snacking and getting together just as a normal kitchen. A lounge area forms the perfect breakout space and the library area next door, with its high tables becomes another zone for casual meetings or group work.

For a family to flourish, it needs to collaborate, inspire, celebrate, sustain and cherish. The success of the design, both visually and functionally have now been carried over into the design of the PepsiCo Headquarters.