Project Details

SF Strike Bowl MBK

The challenge at that time was how to turn the business around and make SF’s first bowling venue the newest, trendiest and most-talked- about bowling alley that would continuously attract a new crowd with higher spending and trendier lifestyles. SF understood the importance of a very strong concept and consistent representation of this throughout the project. As a result, we were asked to design everything from the interior design and logos to the bowling shoes.

“Bowling has been in Thailand for decades and so far has mainly been a sport for middle-aged workers. Bowling alley design was always very conventional with generally only basic facilities. For the past 5 years, the sport has slowly been picking up and getting more popular with younger people; but since SF launched its new bowling concept, bowling has witnessed a dramatic growth in popularity.

It is now one year since the new SF Strike Bowl was completed. Sales are continuing to grow and we expect them to do so for the foreseeable future. The unique design has strongly attracted domestic and international press, such as Wallpaper and The Bangkok Post Magazine to name a few and has been a great bonus in positioning SF Bowl as Thailand’s, if not Asia’s, most cutting edge bowling centre . Due to the success of SF Bowl in MBK, we are currently working with Orbit on a new bowling alley in Phuket, another 5 more to come in Bangkok and on several future projects already in the pipeline.” Suvannee Chinchiewchan, Deputy Managing Director