Project Details

World Bank Join Tokyo

As part of the World Bank’s Global Development Learning Center, the TDLC offers you the opportunity to reach audiences in almost any part of the world. The GDLN’s satellite and terrestrial networks connect more than 77 distance learning centers and affiliate locations around the world.The opening ceremony was attended by the president of the World Bank and the Japanese Minister of Finance among other very distinguished guests.

The GDLN technology made it possible to extend the opening ceremony experience across the world to 4 other locations.

Combining a Japanese Element with Outerspace.

The fact that World Bank had put a satellite into orbit as part of the infrastructure for its GDLN programme and the audio visual equipment installed in this facility of themselves provided the super-high tech side of the equation. Join Tokyo runs these facilities as a communication station for their clients, so it was a logical transition to use a space-station theme to tie the elements together.

Cursors to Japan are subtle, but consistent. Rear-lit Corian panels have grid-cut stencils behind them that when switched on create a night-time “shoji” screen quality. The stainless steel floor panels have concentric arcs on curved portions and parallel lines on straight portions etched onto their surfaces, hinting at the raked Zen gravel gardens.