Project Details

Diageo Stamford Connecticut

The Diageo Stamford office project ran concurrently with the NYC project. The goal was to develop a workspace with the same values, principles and attention to detail but reflective of the area. So instead of a big city feel we celebrated the more relaxed, coastal theme with a nod to travel and beach houses. Meeting rooms share the same principles of branding with core essentials, which ensures a more timeless result. The collaboration spaces offer a variety of experiences and spaces to meet and gather while the blend of desking, phone booths and library supply the variety of work settings that Activity Based Working requires.

Similar to New York, the bar, Lock & Key, is the first space you enter into and the heart of the office, providing a great place to work, meet or relax. The big difference with the Stamford office is that it is home to the Diageo's Americas Innovation and Research & Development Lab, a place where the scientists meet and magic happens!