Project Details

P&G Johannesburg GO Renovation

Releasing two floors to focus and renovate one floor was the backstory to the Johannesburg office renovation. Reducing the desking and increasing the mix of work settings was key to providing the variety the business was after. The other challenge was to combine functions from the other floors such as reception, training room, IT help desk, prayer room and lockers. Bringing Universal Design to the whole space was the final requirement.

The reception area is flooded with natural light from the glazed wall. This warm atmosphere is matched with a generous plywood clad concierge desk which leads onto the centerpiece of the office - the L-shaped open collaboration space. A relaxed mix of informal lounge seating along with different work settings compliment each other while a variety of touchdown & huddle booth seating supports these 2 spaces, separated by semi-open screens and shelving used for displaying products and decorative props. A walk-in IT Kiosk, located at one end, can be easily separated by pulling out felt-board divider screens.

Carefully considered and designed graphics and art provide a final layer of colour and energy. A large Maboneng precinct inspired piece overlooks the collaboration area, a curated selection of framed art adds detail and the large hand-painted mural created exclusively by local artist, Yay Abe (Russell Abrahams) is the undisputed highlight.